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and branding

from logo design to full visual identification presented in a brand identity manual



you are the expert when it comes to understanding your company — but we listen carefully and help you choose the best way to communicate with your clients



discovery and strategy sessions, website design and coding, maintenance services



business cards, leaflets, posters, brochures and catalogs, not only we can design it but also print and deliver it to you

why us?

We help you achieve your marketing goals and create consistent branding.

It’s all about your goals, not about graphic design itself. Design is just a tool — a means to an end. We always approach the problem with a final goal or product in mind.

What does it mean? Let’s use a simple example. If you need a new business card – the project itself is only a part of the entire task. What really interests you is not that business card design – it’s a box of business cards lying on your desk.

That’s how we operate! We will guide you right to the end of the path leading to the expected effect. A business card is not a very complicated product, but it’s a waste of your time to deal with it. What about the even more complex tasks, like printing a catalog or assembling a banner on the building? Let us handle this for you.

Does this mean we’ve mastered every aspect of the marketing process?

We are really good in our 4 key areas of competence. What about other areas of expertise? We have trusted subcontractors to rely on. We guarantee that the final product will be finished on time and in full compliance with our agreement. One point of contact, complete responsibility for the final result.

You can compare us to a general contractor for the construction. Of course, you can hire all sub-contractors by yourself and spend your time coordinating and supervising their efforts, but the general contractor is a much better option. He is accountable for the end result and everything that happens from the beginning to the end of the work is his responsibility. You can focus on your marketing goals without the burden of problems that need to be solved along the way.

tenDESIGN is a general contractor for all your branding and collateral material needs.

who are we?

We are an efficient, four-person team of specialists in the field of visual design and marketing.

Agility, efficient response to any situation, commitment and good communication – these are the advantages of a small team. If we add many years of experience and our creativity – this is the proven recipe for success. Your success!

How does our team tackle bigger projects or unpredicted workload fluctuation?

Proper handling of the unpredictable workload is the biggest challenge for small teams. Therefore, we have a proven network of four additional subcontractors. This allows us to safely scale work capacity with large projects, really short deadlines or projects overlapping for reasons beyond our control.


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Do you want to refresh your brand image or planning a completely new brand? Or maybe you’ve just started your business – and for now, you just need a logo, business cards and a simple website?

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